I’m an aspiring Filmmaker, who has a fairly good knowledge of the process of filmmaking, scriptwriting, storytelling, visual effects, technical understanding of cinematography and big dreams of making my own blockbuster feature film one day.

Why Star Wars you may ask?

Star Wars defined movies for me, it inspired me to dream of becoming a filmmaker. I consume a copious amount of movies and this is an outlet to express, criticize, give my perspective on movies, the art of movie making, and allow me to also parse what my thoughts are.

Before you start your onslaught of opinions, attacks, and justifications to show why my point of view is “wrong”. I know I fall into the category of maybe, the 2% of Star Wars fans who appreciate the prequels for what they really are; George Lucas’s untainted vision.

Think of it as an online journal/Star Wars fandom expression, mixed with my perspective of other(than Star Wars) movies in general.

Loving the Prequels

Loving the prequels does NOT mean I prefer them over the originals. They will FOREVER be my favourite trilogy, despite how many movies Disney is going to milk… sorry I mean “make”, for the Star Wars Universe.

It also doesn’t mean I’m blindsided by the major problems in these movies. When you love something, you overlook the flaws. What I love most about them, is, vilify him if you must, but they represent the last movies George Lucas truly made from his vision.


As time progresses, I’ll divulge into why I created this website, and why I Love the Prequels. Also what I DON’T like about them. It’s not meant to snub the rest of the Star Wars fans, who hate the prequels with a passion, and wish they never existed, but I think it fair enough, we all can have our strong opinions, and still co-exist in this world.

A Unique Taste in Movies

My taste in movies (and perspectives) are very different,  if not “unique” since I don’t subscribe to many modern movie practices, such as “shaky cam”, overly done jump scares, movies made to sell merchandise and visuals over storytelling, to name a few.

My aim is to study film through observation and someday use this vast knowledge to transfer on to the big screen myself. Hopefully. This my journey of movie perspectives and debating, as I try to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Join me… together we can rid the galaxy of bad filmmaking.