Previously: PART 1

Having seen all three prequels, I knew my life would never be the same again. I learned from these movies at a young age, your worst enemy can be the one you trusted the most.

Are the prequels flawless? Of course not! From unsightly CGI to strange dialogue, they’re plagued with many setbacks. I love them nonetheless and when you love something, you tend to overlook the flaws and focus mostly on the good aspects.


It represents Lucas untainted vision, and who knows how the originals might have looked, had he been in a position to execute what he originally imagined like he did with these movies.

I believe for the most part of this trilogy, my head was stuck in the sand when it came to criticism about these films. I didn’t realise how much they were hated until maybe the early 2010s. Which was probably a good thing, or I might not have loved them as much.

As I began to learn how much hate it was receiving, I felt almost like Obi-Wan, realizing Anakin had turned to the dark side. I always attributed Star Wars fans to Jedis. Only to realise there were many Siths among us.

I was almost convinced once by a turned fan, how these movies failed. My love for it, however, grew stronger and soon reminded me it was of imperial importance I retain my stance on loving these films. So here we are.